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13-16 Nov. 2019

For autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, allergy, transplantation and cancer

Centre international de Conférences Sorbonne Université

4 place Jussieu - 44-55

75005 - Paris, France

*To submit before the 15 sept. 2019

Confirmed Speakers

(by alphabetical order)

Abul K.  Abbas, Andre Ballesteros-Tato, Christophe Benoist, Jeffrey Bluestone, Jen Bon Lui, Onur Boyman, Michael Farrar, Garrison Fathman, Jason Fontenot, Agnes Hartemann, Jens Humrich, David Klatzmann, John Koreth, Vijay Kuchroo, Claude Le Pen, Zhanguo Li, Loui Madakamutil,  Thomas Malek, Encarnita Mariotti-Ferrandiz, Alexander Marson, Tewfik Miloud, Francisco Ramirez-Valle, Jerome Ritz, Michelle Rosenzwajg, Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo, Scott Snapper, Naomi Taylor, Nadia Tchao, Georges Tsokos, Harikesh Wong, Jonathan Zalevsky, Zinan Zhang


Thursday 14th

8.45 am

Session I.a

On mechanistic aspects

Chair : T. Malek


1. IL-2R-dependant mechanisms in immune tolerance (T. Malek)

2. Human IL2RB Deficiency (Z. Zhang)


3. Regulatory T cells promote purging of self-activated T cells by imposing localized, multimodal signalling constraints (H. Wong) 

4. Talks from abstracts 

10.30-11.00 am

Coffee Break

Session I.b

On mechanistic aspects

Chair : V. Kuchroo


1. IL-2 in regulatory T cell development and homeostasis (M. Farrar)


2. Control of Tfh cell responses by IL-2 (A. Ballesteros-Tato)

3. Cytokines networks in the induction and regulation of Th17 Cell differentiation (V. Kuchroo)

4. Talks from abstracts 


12.45 pm

Lunch Break

2.00 pm

Session II

On pathophysiology & pharmacology

Chair : A. Abbas


1. Decoding Genetic Control of IL-2 Signals in Health and Disease (A. Marson)


2. Empowering regulatory T cells in Lupus (G. Tsokos)

4. Talks from abstracts

4.00-4.30 pm

Coffee Break

Session III.a

Lessons from current clinical

trials with plain IL-2

Chair : G. Tsokos


1. Low-dose IL-2 Treatment of Sjogren syndrome – a double blind placebo controlled study (Z. Li)

2. Low-dose IL-2 therapy in SLE: results from a single-center phase 1/2 clinical trial (J. Humrich)

3. Low-dose IL2 for the treatment of ulcerative colitis – lessons learned from humanized mice and patients (S. Snapper)

4. Low-dose IL-2 across 11 autoimmune diseases: the Transreg trial (R. Lorenzon)

6.15 pm

End of the day


The Promise of Interleukin-2 Therapy.

13-16 Nov.


13-16 Nov.


Centre international de Conférences Sorbonne Université

4 place Jussieu - Patio 44-55

75005 - Paris, France